Who We Are

Kageno, meaning "A Place of Hope" in a Kenyan dialect, is a registered 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization.

Kageno's MISSION is to transform impoverished communities into places of opportunity and hope – through the development of self-sustaining community directed programs in Education, Health, Ventures (Income Generation), and Environment. We believe it is essential to sustainable development to work with the community rather than giving simple aid or handouts.

Kageno identifies ravaged communities suffering from impoverishment, AIDS, genocide and limited access to healthcare, clean water, and education. Working with local leaders to identify needs, we help villages build schools, health centers, pharmacies, and sanitation and clean water systems and develop programs to help them protect their fragile environments. We then build community centers with learning tools and internet access, identify training programs that support our efforts to build local economies. For example, on Rusinga Island in Kenya, we taught women crafts-making skills and distributed microloans to replace prostitution. In Banda Village, Rwanda, we are in the process of building an eco-lodge for tourists that will be staffed by individuals from the community which support many of our other initiatives.

By supporting Kageno, you directly affect the lives of people living in these communities, giving them hope and opportunity. Kageno's interventions give the community the ability to develop skills and start new businesses, create jobs, invest in their environment, control the spread of infectious diseases and ultimately live better, healthier lives.

Community Development Project Locations

  • The Kageno Kenya Project is located at Kolunga Beach on Rusinga Island in Lake Victoria, Suba District, Nyanza Province, Kenya. A second project operates on nearby Mfangano Island.
  • The Kageno Rwanda Project is a registered NGO in Rwanda, located in Banda Cell, Rangiro Sector, Nyamasheke District, Western Province, Rwanda.
  • Kageno Worldwide, Inc. central offices are located in New York City, USA
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