What We Do

Kageno has proven that a comprehensive program that is initiated and led by the community can break cycles of poverty and lead communities toward sustainable, healthy, and productive futures. Kageno involves community members at all levels of assessment, design, implementation, and evaluation of programs that provide access to clean water, food, sanitation, health care, education, and income generation.

Recognizing that women and children suffer disproportionately from poverty, Kageno places special emphasis on serving these groups as a way to create permanent social change.

All of Kageno’s activities cross into one or more of the following fundamental program areas: Education, Health, Ventures (Income Generation), and Environment.

Kageno measures its success using a “Balanced Scorecard” of metrics that test individual programs and assess whether they are making an impact that is different from expectations. By monitoring these impacts, the scorecard guides Kageno’s allocation of resources by identifying programs that need to be energized in order to preserve the balanced community development approach.

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